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Here, you can find the latest videos featuring Tina’s Feng Shui tips, perfect for enhancing your office space. Simply scroll to the end of the page and click on ‘Archive of TikTok Videos’ to explore a treasure trove of insights. In addition to being the owner and manager of Burke Recruiting Inc, Tina is a renowned Feng Shui expert and provides valuable tips on bringing positive energy to your workplace. Follow her for the latest insights and advice on Feng Shui.

Check Your Resume
@burke_recruiting In Feng Shui it is best to stay positive when looking for your next career move. Don’t get frustrated if you are not getting calls for interviews. Check your resume. We offer help at www.burkerecruiting.com ♬ LOVE MYSELF - Ellen Once Again
How to Clean and Activate Your Crystals
@burke_recruiting After bringing your crystal home you must clean it before placing in your office. ♬ Magical Mystery - Mark Fabian & Alexander Smith
In the Year of Dragon, Use this for Success
@burke_recruiting In the year of the dragon - use a waterfountain to activate your success in the East. Also add a white orchid. ♬ original sound - Tina Burke | CEO of Burke Inc

Have You Looked in Your Briefcase?

@burke_recruiting In Feng Shui it is advisable to declutter your briefcase to bring in abundance. Clean this everyday #fengshui ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz
Never Have this in Your Office
@burke_recruiting In Feng Shui it is advised to not put ashes of loved ones in your office ♬ Full Senyum Sayang - Evan Loss
Declutter Your Cell Phone for the Best Feng Shui
@burke_recruiting In Feng Shui it is advisable to declutter in all areas of our lives. ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz
Check Your Fron Door for the Best Feng Shui
@burke_recruiting In Feng Shui it is important to have a solid door for your office front door. The side glass panels affect how Chi enters the front door. You can install shades over the windows to help direct the Chi through the front door. Feng Shui advises against pivot doors, as multiple openings cut through positive chi energy.A large front door makes it easy to let chi slip away, causing you to lose good fortune. #fengshui ♬ Lazy Sunday - Official Sound Studio
Tips on Keeping Positive When Looking for a Job
@burke_recruiting Stay positive and network while looking for your dream job ♬ Til the Sun Comes Up - Tucka
Feng Shui Fix for Staircase
@burke_recruiting In Feng Shui it is best to avoid offices with staircases right as you open up your front door. Here is a fix for that #fengshui ♬ Fight To The End - Atomica Music