What services do you offer?2023-10-31T17:26:28-04:00

we specialize in providing comprehensive staffing solutions. Our services encompass permanent, contract, and temporary placements for a wide spectrum of accounting positions, ranging from data entry roles to Chief Financial Officer (CFO) positions. Additionally, we extend our expertise to recruiting Human Resources professionals and administrators. Our commitment lies in delivering top-notch candidates tailored to meet your specific business needs.

What industries do you specialize in?2023-10-31T17:25:46-04:00

Our agency does not specialize in specific industries; instead, we offer our services to a diverse range of sectors. This approach allows us to cater to the unique staffing needs of various industries, ensuring tailored solutions for every client. Our adaptable expertise enables us to support businesses across diverse fields, providing comprehensive and professional staffing solutions.

What types of jobs do you typically recruit for?2023-10-31T17:24:55-04:00

We specialize in recruiting for a wide spectrum of positions, including permanent, contract, and temporary roles. Our expertise spans all levels of accounting positions, ranging from data entry roles to Chief Financial Officer (CFO) positions. Additionally, we recruit skilled professionals in the field of Human Resources, as well as proficient administrators. Whether you are seeking entry-level positions or high-level executive roles, our agency is dedicated to providing tailored staffing solutions to meet your specific requirements.

What are your business hours?2023-10-31T17:23:55-04:00

Our business operates from Monday to Friday, with office hours from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

What payment methods do you accept?2023-10-31T17:22:04-04:00

We accept payments through two convenient methods: Cheque and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Clients have the flexibility to choose the payment method that best suits their preferences and operational requirements. Whether you prefer the traditional approach of issuing a cheque or the efficiency of electronic transfers, we are here to accommodate your payment needs seamlessly and professionally.

Do you offer visa sponsorship for job seekers?2023-10-31T17:14:40-04:00

No, we do not offer visa sponsorship for job seekers. Our services are tailored to match candidates with employment opportunities, but we do not facilitate visa sponsorships. We encourage applicants to review job eligibility criteria and legal requirements independently to ensure a smooth application process. While we do not provide visa assistance, we are here to support you in finding suitable job opportunities within your existing work authorization status.

How long does the recruitment process usually take?2023-10-31T17:12:53-04:00

The duration of our recruitment process can vary significantly, typically ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months. The timeline depends on several factors, including the candidate’s flexibility regarding location and salary. Additionally, the process duration is influenced by the candidate’s desired level of position and the availability of suitable opportunities at the given time. We are committed to a thorough and thoughtful recruitment process, ensuring that both candidates and employers find the best possible match for their requirements.

What information do I need to provide when registering with your agency?2023-10-31T17:10:16-04:00

When registering with our agency, we require your resume as a fundamental document outlining your qualifications and work experience. During the initial interview process, we kindly request two professional references to further assess your suitability for specific positions. These references provide valuable insights into your capabilities and work ethic, aiding us in finding the most suitable opportunities for your career advancement. Your cooperation in providing this information is crucial for us to offer you personalized and effective job placements.

How can I prepare for an interview arranged by your company?2023-10-31T17:08:08-04:00

To prepare for an interview facilitated by our company, we recommend ensuring a professional setup for video meetings. Find a quiet, well-lit space, and test your internet connection and camera beforehand to ensure a seamless virtual meeting experience. Additionally, have your resume readily available in front of you, allowing you to refer to specific details if needed. Being well-prepared enhances your confidence and enables a more effective and productive interview conversation.

Do you offer career counseling or resume writing services?2023-10-31T17:06:44-04:00

While we do not provide formal career counseling or resume writing services, we are committed to assisting our candidates wherever possible on an individual basis. Our team is dedicated to supporting you in your job search journey, offering guidance and insights tailored to your unique needs. Although we may not have specialized services, we are here to help you navigate the job market effectively and make informed career decisions.

Can I apply for multiple positions simultaneously?2023-10-31T17:04:50-04:00

Yes, candidates are welcome to apply for multiple positions simultaneously. We encourage applicants to explore various opportunities within their skill set and interests. Our goal is to help you find the most suitable position, and applying for multiple roles enhances your chances of securing a position that aligns perfectly with your qualifications and career goals.

What geographical locations do you cover for job placements?2023-10-31T17:03:38-04:00

Our primary focus is within the greater Vancouver area, catering to the diverse employment needs of this region. However, our reach extends beyond borders; we have successfully placed candidates outside of Canada as well. While our main hub is in Vancouver, our global perspective and experience enable us to facilitate placements both locally and internationally. Rest assured, our commitment to finding the right job opportunities knows no geographical boundaries.

How can I contact your recruitment agency for further inquiries?2023-10-31T17:01:06-04:00

For any inquiries, we recommend reaching out to us via email as it allows us to provide you with a detailed and prompt response. You can email us at recruit@burkerecruiting.com. Additionally, you can visit our dedicated Contact page on our website, where you’ll find further information and alternative ways to get in touch with us. We look forward to assisting you with your queries and providing the support you need.

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